For most Individuals the ACT is a very daunting and time consuming task. It is the pinnacle of standardized tests and the one that ultimately decides the Universities that you will get accepted into. However, because of the recent celebrity scandals involving the ACT, many schools have decided to only use it for scholarship purposes voiding using it for admissions. Interestingly enough, in order for the ACT to stay relevant they are allowing students to retake certain parts of the test instead of the whole thing.

Here are a few ways to stay motivated with ADHD to study for the test!

Now, this blog post is not going to provide you with some miraculous trick or even tell you that the ACT is easier if you study. Though these methods will make the ACT not look as daunting as you might have originally thought.

Theres an old saying that applies extremely well to the ACT “Work smarter not harder.” This test is built on efficiency and capitalizing on your strengths that will ultimately get you a strong score. Given that, if you think studying all the material for each sections of the test will give you that highly praised 36 you will be thoroughly mistaken.

Most people that I know who have ADHD and have taken the ACT usually don’t do as well because our brains don’t work in standardized test form. Which is perfectly fine because the ACT will certainly not determine how far you will go in life. Obviously, there are those brilliant individuals who have the disorder and can get a very high score.

What I have found to be the Key to Success!

Devote just one hour a day, especially during the summer. Now, that does not mean study an entire test such as science. Spend the time to figure out the parts of the Science test that you know! Then make sure you know exactly what you don’t know. DO NOT, I mean DO NOT spend anytime studying what you know, maybe quickly brief it but don’t spend a majority of time studying it. Remember “work smarter not harder”.

With that in mind make a well rounded schedule that will keep you motivated. Know that the ACT is a game not a test, use strategic moves and efficiency to accomplish the task.

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